FK014 6×6kw数码调光硅箱-广州星发舞台灯光设备厂-Guangzhou Xingfa Stage Lighting Equipment Co.,Ltd. 
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FK014 6*6kw Digital Dimming Silicon Box

  • Brand:   Xingfa
  • Model:   FK014
Product Description

With six-way knob dimming, dimming range from 1% to 100%, can also be set dimmer switch states or state. Switching state which is 50% of full light switch
DMX512 digital signal starting address is 001. Can set a maximum of 512
Signal can be set to keep or not to keep working. In the hold status, such as the console DMX signal interruption, will remain the final signal control information, never dark field. (Factory default is kept)
Has 24 scenes can be recorded, backup, run
Dimming curve for each channel can be set to linear or switching states. The switching state of the switch is 50%. Brightness values at the switching state of the input is greater than or equal to the corresponding circuit full output 50%, otherwise no output
Setting function with preheating, the preheating may be set to a value of 1% -9%
With intelligent fan control function. When either loop brightness value is not zero, the fan starts running when all circuits brightness values are zero, the fan delay stopped running after 3 minutes

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