FK001 老虎灯光控制台-广州星发舞台灯光设备厂-Guangzhou Xingfa Stage Lighting Equipment Co.,Ltd. 
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FK001 Colourful Tiger

  • Brand:   Xingfa
  • Model:   FK001
Product Description

Compact, light weight, easy to carry, powerful, small and medium sized theatrical performances, touring, preferred entertainment venues built flash drive, faster and more reliable than hard drives, adequate capacity, can store:
3000 more light than a hundred built-in graphics library file extension removable Memory Stick 3000 over the built-in light fixture library improved selection and configuration methods
Find new lamps on the row of buttons putter omitted to shorten the program drum, simplified layout
2048 DMX512 channel
120 computers can be configured to light different address codes can be configured to 120 conventional fixtures different address code
10 playback faders, and includes theater control methods 120 built-in graphics
Program saved 300 performances available MIDI signal or scene or bass, midrange, treble voice trigger performance program
External color VGA display with diamond 4 console panel technology panel surface using PVC stickers, beautiful and wearable
Gross Weight: 30kg
Net weight: 12kg
Package size: 730*530*310mm
Product size: 640*440*140mm

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