FK002 珍珠2010控制台-广州星发舞台灯光设备厂-Guangzhou Xingfa Stage Lighting Equipment Co.,Ltd. 
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FK002 Pearl 2010 Computre Controller

  • Brand:   Xingfa
  • Model:   FK002
Product Description

Available U disk upgrade the latest version does not need to format, faster and software driven transmit lamp library;
DMX512/1900 standard,2048 DMX control channels;
Four optical isolated independent drive signal output port. Withstand 2000Vrms. Independent power supply independent signal. Can control 40 channels up to 240 computer lights and 240 way Dimmer;
320 x 240 mm screen to display all the operation and change and output;
Channels soft allocation;
Can store 450 program;
Knob can be adjusted for different time. X/Y control of natural smooth;
Can copy channel project list on site;
Independent system lock function, effectively prevent the misoperation;
Built-in more than 200 lamp library;
Built in a variety of special effect programs, support field change effects effectively;
USB storage, can effectively save field data;
High performance switching power supply, 90V-250V power supply voltage adaptation range, meet the requirements of all countries in the world (custom);
Audio input connector: XLR-D3Fx2;
Professional work lights, suitable for indoor and outdoor show;
The use of professional air box packaging, transportation and performance more safe and convenient;
Product Size: 735×595×150mm
Packing Size: 810×680×280mm
Net weight: 21.5kg
Gross weight: 43kg


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