FK012 12路×4KW直通硅箱-广州星发舞台灯光设备厂-Guangzhou Xingfa Stage Lighting Equipment Co.,Ltd. 
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FK012 12*4KW Straight Road Silicon Box

  • Brand:   Xingfa
  • Model:   FK012
Product Description

Power supply: three-phase five-wire AC380V ± 10%, frequency 50Hz ± 5%
Rated power: 12 channels * 4KW; applicable to any load
Overload and short circuit protection double high off air switch
ABC-phase work lights Let universal spare socket tripod legs and easy to use
Dimensions: 515*485*133mm
Unit Weight: 12kg
1. Before using, please take a good supply equipment needed direct access to the product stage 4KW 4KW conventional lamps 12 or 12 moving head lights; 12 individually controlled road
2. Then access AC380V three-phase power, attention FireWire (ABC) with the zero line (N) can not be reversed; ground wire (PE) to be well grounded; The panel lights are on the air switch in the ON state;. Then access the lamps should be lit

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