FH004 150W LED追光灯-广州星发舞台灯光设备厂-Guangzhou Xingfa Stage Lighting Equipment Co.,Ltd. 
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FH004 150W LED Track Light

  • Brand:   Xingfa
  • Model:   FH004
Product Description

Voltage: AC220-240V  50/60Hz
Power: 150W
Lamp: 150W led lamp beads
Color: a color wheel 6 colors + white, patterns can be customized
Control signal: the signal from the control knob with
Control modes: single mode
Optical system: U.S. 150Wled free flow lamp beads lamp beads
Cooling System: High-strength air-cooled
Aperture effect: aperture size adjustable
Strobe: 1-7 times / second strobe
Color Correction: normal 5600k, increase 6000K, 3200K lowered
Lightspeed distance: 10M
Speed ??of light angle: 23 degrees
Safety measures: Compliance with various safety standards, IP20 protection class, power line breaks
Co-CE20 / 22 three standard, high temperature protection device automatically cut off
Housing: aluminum edging
Size: 440*200*230mm
Weight: 6Kg

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