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FC003D 1W全彩动画激光

  • Brand:   Xingfa
  • Model:   FC003D
Product Description

Item description: 1W Full Color Animation Laser
Model: RS-JG-QC1000

Laser light source: changchun new industry
Light source combination nm200mw 532, 532 nm500mw, 655 nm500mw
Total power: 1.2W【1200mW】
Scanning system: 30 KPPS and 30 k @ high-speed closed-loop laser graphics 60° wide Angle lens
Working voltage: AC110-230V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Cooling system: air cooled
Control mode: voice control, since go, master-slave synchronization, DMX512, an external computer
The control channel: 11CH

* support external computer ILDA socket, usable ISHOW software control, fire phoenix, pangolin scales.
* built more than 100 animation loop transformation, especially to strengthen the beam effects, animation, text effects, 3 d effect * this lamp for pure aluminum wire drawing material case.

Appearance and size
Gross weight: 6KG
Net weight: 5.8KG
Product size: 400*280*120mm
Packing size: 350*450*220mm

Suitable places: DISCO, KTV, bars, clubs, clubs, concerts, wedding venues, variety, stage lighting performance, family PARTY and other places of entertainment

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