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West Germany smoke oil 1L

  • Brand:   Xingfa
  • Model:   ES-Y8
Product Description


High purity performances dedicated smoke oil, using distilled water and made a new environmentally friendly formula, pure white smoke, keep longer in the air, thanks to the new formula, so it will not produce oil particles, optical glass and high-grade photographic equipment pollution, and significantly reduces the vaginal plug smoke machine, suitable for a variety of high-end places.
Parameters: distilled water and water-soluble formulation of environmental protection, smoke at room temperature can be maintained at 20
3-6 minutes in the air
Packing: 5.5KG / barrel (PVC) 4PC / box (paper)
Gross Weight: 20.5KG / box
Net Weight: 20KG
Dimensions: 39X31X21CM

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